Parla Bytes; Retro gaming with love

Witnessing what has been our first Parla Bytes November 29 (accompanied by our good friend Jorge Moratilla, alias Holojorge) seeking a closer environment with the gamer audience, especially older games users closest to what will be our first creation.
Far away on the idea of a Madrid Games Week or like we found a cozy fair nearby, made with care and a lot of people eager to share their creations and knowledge of everything from video games to manual and craft work.
First we attended a technical talk of our friends CheapCade, which perform recreational small Raspberry Pi using a heart like it.

We loved the talk, where Victor explained his way of learning a few tricks to debug and squeeze the Raspberry Pi at both the system and programming. Names like Openframework, Spines, etc … mscript out during the talk.


Highly recommended its recreational undoubtedly we try and go like a shot.

Then we walked around to see the creations of Kaleido Games, whom we met at a meeting of Zerouno, where we could see first hand the good work done with Vortex Attack and remember one game at Beekyr.

After that we missed a while for all recreational available where we take good games games like Snow Bros and Street Fighter II.


Then we took a good bath for the various posts of shops where several purchases fell as you can see in the photos and adorn our mansion already.

We can not fail to mention the Games initiative by food that is present everywhere and every time they make a more decisive work by families who fail to have resources for basic power.

IMG_20151129_140259259 IMG_20151129_140410869

Finally we attended the awards ceremony with great atmosphere and really looking forward to the next edition.


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