Computerspielemuseum; a museum about the evolution of video games

We were in Berlin a month ago and we achieved to visit the Computerspielemuseum, one of the best places for a video game fan and also for people that want to know more about this topic from a serious point of view.

You can see all of the pictures in our  album!


The museum is a  very accurate and well-explained tour about the history of games and how they have evolved over the years.

We like the interaction with some devices that explain you a lot about  interesting topics of the video games history and bring you  the opportunity to play with the museum itself.

This museum provides you with a collection of nearly all video consoles created throughout history.


It is the first museum about video games that we visit and we think every country has to have one to focus and expand the local culture about video games.

For example in Spain there are a lot of small video games studios that Spaniards don’t know but foreign people of other countries (German and England for example) know because we do not care about an appropriate way to explain and transmit our culture and work in this field.

We envy Berlin by a lot of things but this way to love the video games and its culture is one of the most appreciated for us.22345304823_5aa44ec09d_o

We couldn’t get out the museum with the hands empty so we bought a Tetris Lamp and a Pacman fridge magnet as souvenir and the wish that hopefully our eyes can see something similar in Spain in a few years.


Thanks for all Berlin!


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