Responsible use of video games and its benefits

In recent times we have observed as to each word of a slaughter of innocents at the hands of a psychopath, usually in USA, the overweight adolescents or a death by excessive hours of play, it is automatically criminalizes a product, video games.

In contrast, other products such as film are not mistreated in this way when they have the same negative effect if used without responsibility and control, so that the question is whether this different treatment from the media is fair or not.

Since then we believe that there are quite  more control mechanisms for responsible use of video games than any other media product and we believe that this bias against video games totally inadequate. We also think that in general the problem is the irresponsible use made of the products, not the products themselves.

To start video games classification systems have much more complete age. In Europe we have the PEGI without going too far, offering a complete and simple description by icons adult content of the game and the recommended age for use. They have an even search for details of the game.


PEGI illustrative icons on language, scenes of violence, sexual thematic etc. a video game

And here comes into play the vital role of parents / guardians / educators etc. These have to play an active role in both the buy / rent the game as when playing with the child and to understand if this game is suitable for that particular person.

Because in the end this method of classification of the content of the information and guidance on the recommended age, but we all know that each profile is different from the same age and is the person closest to the minor who has the last word on whether the game is suitable or not.

Another mechanism for controlling the inappropriate use of a video game is parental control that exists in all current consoles and is a simple way to control the user can execute based on a few simple criteria.

There is even a PEGI code online for those online games that are not sold in boxes.

No excuses as to make responsible use of video games on the other hand offer obvious advantages for people with other psychomotor and as you can see in these sample attached news. This theme will be developed in greater detail soon in Quimerus.

And in the case of irresponsible use of an adult is clear that the effect of a video game is just as harmful as other products and exalted reactions of a person in this case is due to a clear imbalance on a personal level and not the product as a healthy and balanced making responsible use of a video game has not committed to any atrocity today.

So enough with the small talk and incomplete arguments against a product that is part of our lives and we can get a lot out.

Finally we would like to recommend the purchase of these products through the code pages PEGI report, relate a brief analysis of the game to know in detail about the game that will offer trailers of it and show the cheaper price and where to buy it online at that price so that our purchase is totally satisfactory and responsible.

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The best page for check that is and we challenge you to visit it

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    ¡Muchas gracias por la mención! Queríamos completar la información añadiendo una funcionalidad de nuestra web que es muy útil para padres y educadores: el filtro de juego por PEGI.

    Si pulsas en el icono PEGI de un juego en Otogami, visitaras un listado de juegos que tengan dicha clasificación PEGI. Por ejemplo:

    Gracias de nuevo por dar a conocer nuestra página y enhorabuena por el blog.

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  4. No he copnseguido resistirme reflejar mi opinion.
    Sencillamente genialmente dicho

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