iDÉAME 2013; top stories

Quimerus attended to the V youth game developers meeting in Madrid , iDÉAME 2013 with the aim of collecting tips and information in order to start our flagship project, the development of a game whose details will being released sooner.

The experience exceeded our expectations. A meeting where we find the possibility of talking to with small and medium developers teams who have already launched  their games to market, and they told us all their good and bad experiences in an open and clear way.

At all times demonstrated their willingness to help all those attending the event and showed their charm to the active participation of the same and the illusion that show both test their games and give our feedback as when submitting our dreams in the form of development projects.

Frankly the experience has been invaluable and we leave a collection of various specialized media articles so you can see everything that was presented and explained.

Special mention of Nintendo that is proving to be a company geared to the world of video games and innovation and drives with deeds and words the support to young developers. Not only has organized this event but also gave the opportunity to present to IDÉAME ++ contest several projects of young students , which was won by The Ray of Zeus

and will be supported by Nintendo and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid for be released in Nintendo e-shop.

Our goal is certainly to get to the next editing project ready to play because it seems the perfect forum for it to be put on trial. IDÉAME See you in 2014!

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